Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green Week

Last Sunday I started my balcony garden. I went to Home Depot and went crazy buying seeds, seedlings, window box planters and potting soil. I celebrated Earth Day this week by planting seeds. I planted two types of basil, oregano and rosemary. I'm kind of scared none of my seeds will grow. This Saturday I started clearing out the backyard garden area and getting out all the weeds and junk that's in the dirt. I planted lettuce, Thai basil and a few pansies. Unfortunately I can't do much in the backyard because my landlord is having a new fence put in. I'm excited for the new fence, but not the possibility that the contractor might damage what I planted, or take a really long time completing the project. My landlord also wants to replace the wood wall that separates the garden from the lawn with stone. I hope it doesn't take too long!

Today I went to Home Depot, and again went crazy buying plants. I even bought a couple indoor plants. Here are some pics of my balcony garden and the backyard:

Pansies and Lettuce in the Backyard

Pansies in Pail

Cilantro, Jalapeno and Curly Parsley

String Beans

More String Beans and some Spinach

Purple Pansy


Krista April 27, 2009 at 9:06 AM  

Looks wonderful! Can you believe how warm the weather is?! I wish we had a place to plant flowers - damn city living!