Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hammonassett Run

Disappointing run today. I didn't get enough sleep last night, for some reason I just couldn't sleep and stayed up til around 2am and woke up around 8:30am. Felt groggy and listless, worked on the blog some more, and played around with the TrailRunner software I downloaded yesterday. It was supposed to be a bright sunny day in the 50s. I was determined to at least go out for a run. My initial idea was to run at Lake Saltonstall in Branford, CT since one of the trainer's at Aiki highly recommended it.

By the time I got to Lake Saltonstall it was 2:30pm. I drove around the park area a few times, the parking areas were closed and there were no good spots to park. I decided to scrap the idea, and thought of other places to run. Lighthouse Point crossed my mind, and would have made more sense, but I decided to spring for Hammonasset State Park. I was there yesterday with a friend, and as we walked around I saw a lot of runners and decided I was going to run there sometime soon. I wasn't expecting it to be the next day.

By the time I got to the Hammonasset exit, I was feeling off. A combination of little sleep and eating too early. I had planned to run around 12:30 or so, so I ate around 11:30. Now it was 3:00, and I was running near empty. It was a gray chilly day at Hammonasset. Everyone was bundled up, except for me of course. Run started out okay until a little after the first mile. Cramps. Stupid, annoying cramps. Breathed through them, and hit mile 2 surprisingly quick. Just after the second mile though, the cramps set in again. Breathed through as much as I could, but decided I'll make it to 3 miles and quit. The last quarter mile felt twice as long. The walk back to the car was depressing. I was probably a little over a half mile away.

Blah I really wanted to get more miles in this weekend. There's always next weekend...