Monday, March 2, 2009

In the Fast Lane, Back on Track

Yesterday at swim class was my first real workout in almost a week. I got there about five minutes late, and found new people in the slow lane I usually swim in. (The pool is divided up from the slowest swimmers to the fastest, that way there's not a traffic jam when slow swimmers hold up fast swimmers behind them.) The new swimmers were already clinging to the sides of the pool out of breath. I've never seen people stop in the middle of the pool before.
The coach put another slow lane regular and I in the fourth lane and said we graduated for the night. I think I kept up pretty well for most of the class. I did get tired pretty easily, and I did cough a few times which didn't help much. The slow guy and I were doing the group B drills, so we only had to do half the amount of laps in one section as the two group A girls that were in our lane. Once we got to that section of the drills, they flew passed and lapped us. Oh well!
I'm surprised that even in a faster lane, people don't really understand the drill sheets. They ask over and over how to do the drills, and how many lengths to swim. Look, if it says 2x50, do two sets of 2 lengths! It's pretty easy to get the hang of. The pool is 25 yards, divide the second number by 25 and you get the number of lengths. I'm a math idiot, but I can figure it out! The asking and hold ups are so annoying, and then they usually end up doing the wrong amount of laps. I try to do the right amount of laps, and then they're like "Oh you're still doing that drill?" I want to be like, "Yes, because you cut it short by 2 lengths, and I'm doing it the right way." But I just shrug and continue finishing up the set.
Did my first strength training workout in over a week this morning. Unfortunately my workout was cut short due to the fact we got a shitload of snow. Digging out my car and dealing with the roads cut out a half an hour of the hour or so I wanted to get in. I guess it's better to start off slow anyway. I hope to spend this week slowly getting my workouts back to normal. The only trace of my cold is a few coughs here and there. Because I have asthma, whenever I get a cold, I usually have a cough that lingers a few extra days. I still can't get over the fact I was sick only a week! If only I could tell me of a few years ago to take a bunch of vitamins, take Zicam and eat vegetarian. I could have saved myself from a multitude of doctors visits, antibiotic treatments and bullshit.


evildanny March 10, 2009 at 4:54 PM  

It is quite remarkable how many people are so very shitty at following directions. I believe they use the term "RTFM" in a lot of technical classes, which is a response to a stupid question meaning "Read The Fucking Manual".
But the better you are at following direction, the faster you will improve (assuming whoever is teaching you knows what they're doing), so keep at it and you'll be outrunning those fools in no time :)