Thursday, March 19, 2009

Training Blog

Added a new blog, "Run, Bike, Swim, Fight! - Training". Today as I was writing in my training log I realized that its contents span 2 years this week. It started out as a food and exercise log, and then became just an exercise log. Writing down everything you eat is not only annoying, but I felt strange after awhile. My log definitely has some points where I dropped off from training and/or logging. From 6/5/2007 - 1/26/2008 I stopped logging. I do know for a fact I was still training. Impressively most of my workouts from 2008 are in there. It's kind of crazy to flip through. What I was doing at any point in the log reminds me of what was going on then in my life. Whenever I see "arc trainer" I know I was working out at Planet Fitness, and living at my apartment on Nicoll St.

I think my training log is integral to this blogging endeavor, but I realize it's pretty dry reading. I decided to add Run, Bike, Swim, Fight! - Training so that it can be separate from my thoughts but still accessible. There will be some overlaps of course between the two, but I really don't expect anyone to RSS to both, or even read the training blog on a regular basis.

Another observation I made while looking through my training log, is how far I've come in my running! The first mention of a treadmill is 5/6/2008 where I ran a mile in 11 minutes. By 6/5/08 I was running 15 minutes plus 3 minutes cooldown with a distance of 1.56 miles. A month later on 7/8/08, I ran 25 minutes with 5 minutes cooldown with a distance of 2.51 miles. In August I was running more than 5 miles outdoors. Unfortunately I slacked on logging my outdoor runs, and the only log I can find of running more than 5 miles is from 10/10/08 where I ran 7.39 miles, doing 9:33 minute miles. Still, I'm pretty impressed with myself, and I don't say something like that often! Looking at the progress I've made makes me look forward to how far I can run this year, and to cutting my times down even more.