Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blah Week

Well, I didn't meet a few of my workout goals. Kind of to be expected, but disappointing nonetheless. This week so far:

Monday: Muay Thai Fighting Concepts

Tuesday: AM Bootcamp Style Workout
3 min jumprope
15 min KB (kettlebells)
10+2 treadmill 1.25mi
Mod Pushups, Reverse Crunches, Russian Curls, Bridge, Butt Blast
15lb Dumbbell: Sumo Squats + Bicep curl, side bends, triceps
Swiss Ball: squats, bridge, pelvic tilt, chest press

PM: 30+2 treadmill w/ intervals 3.41mi, spin class
intervals: built speed up to 7 down to 6/6.5, minute intervals

Wednesday: Rest Day. Tuesday was TOO MUCH! The half an hour on the treadmill doing intervals followed by an hour-long grueling spin class was way too much. I should have had at least a clif gel with me after the run, but I went straight to the spin class. Bad move.

Thursday: Bootcamp Style Workout
6min rowing machine (my jumprope broke) 1152m
15min KB
10+1 elliptical 1.06mi (cramped on the treadmill this morning)
mod push ups, rev crunch, bicycle crunch, crunches
2 min jumping jacks, kicks, bob+weave to raise heart rate
Swiss Ball: squats, bridge, chest press, forward leg rolls
15lb dumbbell: side bends, triceps

Friday: 30+2 treadmill intervals 3.53mi
intervals: speed- 7 up to 8, down to 6.5/7 minute intervals, incline- 5 every 3min
stretch + ab work, 30min swim

Saturday: A LAZY Valentine's Day. At least I got an hour walk in!

Sunday: Today since it's supposed to be 40 degrees I'm waiting for noon to go on a long run. Looking forward to it, especially after a lazy Saturday. Have swimming class tonight.