Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hard Week

Really stepped it up this week! I started February at a steady pace, I hope I can keep it up!

Monday: 30 + 2 treadmill 3.4 mi
kickboxing + kettlebell work with Kelly

Tuesday: Bootcamp Style Workout
3 min jumprope
15 min kettlebell exercises
10 + 1 treadmill 1.14 mi
Ab work, butt blast
Swiss Ball: bridge, chest press, pelvic tilt
lunges, mod push ups, side bends, triceps

Wednesday: AM Kettlebell/Kickboxing

Thursday: AM: 30 + 2 3.51 mi treadmill, side bends, triceps, ab work
PM: 30 + 5 3.07 mi elliptical, 30 min stairmaster, ab work

Friday: AM: Bootcamp Style Workout
3 min jumprope
15 min kettlebell exercises
10 + 1 treadmill 1.13 mi
Swiss Ball: Squats, Bridge, Pelvic Tilt, Chest Press
Kettlebell: Russian Twist, Chest Press, Bridge
Mod Push Ups, roll back, butt blast
PM: Body Works + Abs Class
Weight Machines: Calves, Ab Twist, Squat

Saturday: Kettlebells
First outdoor run of the new year!! 5.91 mi 9:07 paceView Interactive Map on

Regarding the "Butt Blast" Workout:
It sounds gross, maybe like the after effects of eating at a New Haven burrito cart, but I assure you, the "butt blast" is not as gross as it sounds. I joined "Spark People", a fitness social networking site like a year ago. I'm never on it anymore, but when I first started using the site I really took advantage of their workout logs, nutrition logs and articles. One of the best finds on there is this butt blasting workout video. Looking through my workout log, the first occurrence of the "butt blast" workout is March 4, 2008. It still burns to this day, and I swear by it.

Edited to add: Adding my treadmill and outdoor run together I ran 15 miles this week! Yay!