Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Run of 2009

First, before I write about the run today, I should say that I finally registered for a triathlon! I'm pretty excited! It's later than I had wanted it to be, but it looks like a really good first race. Basically, the course is FLAT. I figure, a flat course is key for a beginner. I've only raced 5Ks, and even then only two. My experience racing is very, very limited. So, July 19th it is. Seems sooo far away, and I think closer to spring I may sign up for one sooner if I'm feeling really confident. Maybe I'll just sign up for a 10K or a biathlon. We'll see.

I am very pleased with my first run of the new year! I haven't gone for a run outside since Christmas Day. I only ran about 3 miles that day, and I wasn't very happy with my performance. Today felt great! I went after my kettlebell class, starting around 11:30 am. There was still some really icy sections, but I slowed down or jumped onto the road instead of the sidewalk. I knew I was making great time because of the mix I was listening to on my iPod. It was nice to find that running mix fun again, last fall it became so familiar and boring!
I've really been focusing on strength training in my workouts, and I think it really came through on this run. I felt STRONG, like my body was well supported and could take on hills no problem. There's one section heading up into East Rock that's a 4% grade. I focused on my hamstrings while running up it trying to put forth the power I knew I had. At the end of my run I definitely felt like I could have kept running, but I had a hair appointment to go to. (Yeah, I cut off my remaining hair. With swimming, running and being generally out of my mind I decided, no more hair and NO MORE PONYTAILS!!)


Krista April 16, 2009 at 5:04 PM  

I feel you on the ponytails. The worst is with a bike helmet! I'm alway amazed when I see professional triathletes with long hair! If it was my job I would be sportting a pixie cut!